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Palos Hills Chiropractors : Dr. Robert Wright,
Dr. Dan De Biasio and Team


Dr. Robert Wright, Chiropractic Physician, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Applied Kinesiologist

Dr. Wright has become known as the “go-to Doctor” when patients need answers.

Robert Wright

Dr. Robert Wright, Chiropractor

With his vast clinical nutrition and amino acid knowledge, patients are also seeking his expertise for their family’s Overall General Health as well, knowing natural and holistic medicine is the route we should try first – – before resorting to drugs and surgeries. Dr. Wright, a graduate of the prestigious National School of Health Sciences has been serving Palos Hills residents and surrounding communities for over 26 years now. His comfortable manner and honesty with patients have gained him a reputation in the community as “the doctor where family and friends refer.”

On a Personal Note…

Dr. lives locally in Palos with his family. His wife, Joyce is active in the office. She regularly works out and believes this, plus excellent nutrition is what makes them such a healthy family. And Dr. Wright’s son at 16 is already into natural health big time. He attributes his Dad’s awesome chiropractic care, plus good nutrition as a key to him being a state-qualified track runner and successful hockey player. Read more about Dr. Wright…

Note from Rob’s wife, Joyce (he didn’t know I added this:) Most women lose their husbands to sports, TV, bowling with the boys, etc. – my husband can be found 99% of the time in his study or man-cave, reading, researching patient cases, listening to videos, learning, learning, learning. That’s why I can definitely say, “when you’re under my husband’s care, you have one of the most caring and involved doctors on your side that you’ll ever have in your corner.”

As I evolve within my practice a few things have become more clear.

  1. My job is not to heal the body, that’s the patient’s job.
  2. My job is to identify obstacles to healing and help the patient remove those obstacles.
  3. Obstacles to health and healing tend to be either mechanical, chemical or emotional in nature.
  4. Lifestyle sits in the front seat while our genetics sit in the back seat.
  5. Natural healthcare is for those who choose to play a pro-active role if their life, not a passive role.
  6. If you’re doing or thinking what the average person is doing or thinking today, sad but true, chances are you’re on a destructive health path. And it’s not your fault, federal safety agencies (FDA, EPA, etc., pharmaceutical companies, advertising, marketing, conventional medicine) all tell you, you have No Control Over your Own Life / Your own Health. You must take drugs, have multiple surgeries, remove organs. Pesticides are okay to ingest, chemical are okay to be used on your skin, in your house, on your lawn, drank in your water. Abuse yourself, it’s okay. We’ll be here with a medication to fix it, and if a med doesn’t, we’ll cut it out – then you’ll be fine. Now, does that sound rational?
  7. We are not created equal on the physical realm. We have to learn which lifestyle habits work best for us personally. Believe it or not, small changes add up to BIG CHANGES.
  8. Have some fun and enjoy life!

Exercise and diet are key factors to my health, all health. They just make everything better. I eat well and exercise regularly. I feel my best when I do weights for 30 minutes about 2-3 times per week and play basketball, football and running exercises about 1-2 times per week. I have to admit I like sweets . . but in comes that “moderation” word again – it’s true. I also benefit from detoxing occasionally. I am not against medications (for crisis care) but prefer to manage things with natural remedies when possible because they work better with the body, and do not have any long term toxic effects on the body. I also get adjusted regularly.

I was 17 when I read my first book on nutrition.

The idea that food and natural remedies could “make or break” the quality of someone’s life in a major way blew my mind. How come I didn’t know this, how come my family didn’t tell me this ?? So, I started reading and reading, and learning and learning. And it became evident that there was a ton of important information relating to our health that people simply were not getting. So, this is when I had that “light bulb moment” in your life when you know . . . exactly what your mission in life is meant to be. I immediately changed my major from Architecture to Chiropractic, later going on to get my Diplomat in Nutrition Degree. I knew the combination of the two was big, I could transform people’s health and their lives.

I’m still doing it, still loving it, and will continue to heal, educate and motivate people until my life’s work is done.”

I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge. Call and schedule an appointment today!


Dr. Dan De Biasio, Chiropractic Physician

Functional Corrective Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Dan De Biasio

Dr. Dan De Biasio, Chiropractor

Dr. Dan De Biasio is the newest addition to the team at Palos Chiropractic and Holistic Health. Dr. Dan is a functional corrective chiropractic physician who uses applied kinesiology in conjunction with a variety of other techniques in order to best address the functional cause of a person’s health concerns. His treatment approach is rooted in the fact that the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself as long as a person has the proper structure and nutrition.

Dr. Dan graduated Magna Cum Laude from Logan College of Chiropractic in December 2015. He spent the next 3 years in West Michigan working with and studying under some of the top chiropractors in the region. In early 2019 he moved back to the Palos area in order to be closer to family and friends. In his free time, Dr. Dan enjoys staying active and spending time with friends, family and his dog, Odin. Some of his favorite activities are volleyball, disc golf, hiking, lifting weights and yoga.

Palos Hills Chiropractic Team

Ausra Januseviciute , Acupuncturist L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., MSTOM

Ausra Januseviciute , Acupuncturist

Ausra Januseviciute , Acupuncturist

Her Areas Of Expertise :

  • Women’s Health: PMS, Painful periods, Menopause and Infertility.
  • Psycho-emotional disorders: Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
  • Integrative Care for Cancer patients.
  • Chronic Pain: Low back pain, Shoulder pain, Knee pain, Sciatica.
  • Digestive disorders: Constipation, Diarrhea, IBS, Ulcerative colitis.

Through the experience, Ausra came to recognize the vital energy inherent in all beings and that by activating and facilitating this flow of energy, the body’s ability to heal naturally is significantly accelerated. With further study and training in energy healing and dedicated practice in meditation, Ausra developed subtle energy cultivation. Using modalities such as Qi Gong, Reiki, Matrix Energetics and Chakra Balancing in conjunction with Traditional Oriental Medicine, Ausra is able to efficiently address all aspects of an individual’s health: body, mind and spirit. Read more about Ausra…

Ausra is a Licensed Acupuncturist and is Board Certified by theNational Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. She holds a Masters Degree in Science of Traditional Oriental Medicine and is a graduate of the prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Aside from the exceptional training that included both allopathic and traditional Chinese medicine, Ausra also completed clinical internships with several of Chicago’s well-established and experienced practitioners.


Joyce Wright
Office Manager and Nutritional Assistant

Joyce Wright, Office Manager & Nutritional Assistant

Joyce Wright, Office Manager & Nutritional Assistant

With Palos Chiropractic & Holistic Health for 18 years. I absolutely love the direction our office has expanded and grown into. We have truly evolved into our dream office; a healing and prevention clinic. People not only get healed in our office, they get educated. They learn things they never knew about their bodies, and how to function each day pain-free, healthier, stronger and educated on how not to re-injure. They learn that food is your body’s foundational blocks. They learn that what they think absolutely affects how they feel. More and more people are starting to embrace holistic medicine; they are starting to understand that what’s out there in conventional medicine today is not working. And I believe with every ounce of my being, that what we are doing and teaching, IS WORKING. Just see our hundreds and hundreds of success stories and testimonials from patients. Prepare to start feeling good again, like you did years ago Prepare to start having energy again. Prepare to start looking good again. Welcome, you are in wonderful hands here with Dr. Wright and his tremendous staff. We’re glad you’re here and ready to start – ‘cause we’re ready for you! Joyce divider

Casey Rivera, Licensed Massage Therapist, Chiropractic Assistant

Casey Rivera, Licensed Massage Therapist, Chiropractic Assistant

Casey Rivera
Clinical Medical Massage Therapist

Casey is our veteran Medical Massage Therapist here in the office. She quite often works hand-in-hand with Dr. Wright on patient muscular issues. In addition, her Swedish, stress-reducing massages are some of the best in the area (as reported by client after client.) She has been with our office since 2011 and is definitely a patient Favorite due to her advanced skill level as well as her wonderful and warm personality.

SCHOOLING/HISTORY: “I decided to go into massage largely because of my family’s health history. I had always been interested in alternative healing methods but when my brother was diagnosed with several severe spinal diseases, we sought the help of a local therapist to work with him. After seeing the healing capabilities of massage within my own family, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue as a career.”

Denise S. Leon
R.N., M.S., L.M.T., C.C.E., B.C.T.M.B.

Denise S. Leon

Denise S. Leon
R.N., M.S., L.M.T., C.C.E., B.C.T.M.B.

Denise is a Registered Nurse with experience in all areas of Maternal-Child healthcare including as a certified childbirth educator; she is a board certified licensed massage therapist in Illinois and Indiana and has taught all modalities and classes in massage schools in the Chicago area for the past 9 years as an adjunct instructor. Denise holds a Master’s of Science degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, with Masters Certificates in Anatomy and Physiology and also one in Nutrition from American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland, Oregon. She is certified in many modalities such as Bamboosage, Prenatal, Infant, lymphatic drainage, oncology, and breast cancer massage and the energy therapy of tuning fork sound therapy. She currently has a private contract practice in massage for medical clients such as post-surgical lymphatics and scar tissue therapy, oncology patients, injuries and other medical uses of massage. Her time at home is spent working with Chicago French Bulldog Rescue as a volunteer foster mom, enjoying being her husband’s biggest fan as he is a musician and chasing her 2 grandchildren Zac 9 and Zoe 8 along with her 2 daughters Diana and Adrienne.


Denise Nowak

Denise Nowak, LMT

Denise Nowak, LMT
Clinical Massage Therapist / Relaxation Massage

I decided to become a massage therapist because I enjoy helping people feel better !

I have been working in the medical field since 1994, and went on to become a Licensed Therapist in 2006, graduating from the Chicago School of Massage. I thought I wanted to retire . . . but decided to come back because I enjoy helping and healing people so much.

If you can’t find me on my days off, that’s because I am out at the beach or outside around water somewhere. . . love hanging out with family and friends.

I’m happy to say I have now found a wonderful new place to work part-time; Palos Chiropractic & Holistic Health.


Photo of Donna Carvelli, Chiropractic & Therapy Assistant

Donna Carvelli, Chiropractic & Therapy Assistant

Donna Carvelli
Chiropractic & Therapy Assistant

From the moment I set foot in the office, I knew this was where I needed and wanted to be…

My medical background, as well as being a mother of a child with food and environmental allergies, has given me the experience and knowledge to know how important it is to listen to our bodies; whether it is pain getting our attention, digestive issues that happen much too frequently or a rash as the body’s way or ridding itself of something.

I absolutely enjoy empowering patients with education and understanding, giving them the power to play a vital role in their body’s own healing process. These patients, I find, live happier, healthier and more quality lives … no matter what age they’re at!


Victoria Candiotti

Victoria Candiotti
Billing & Insurance Coordinator


Victoria Candiotti
Billing & Insurance Coordinator

Upon completion of my Medical Billing training at MVCC, I began my search for which specialty field I wanted to be a part of. I needed to work in an environment that was in-line with my beliefs and complimented my lifestyle – – that is exactly what I found in chiropractic and holistic health.

Having a young family at home, I know how important health, happiness, and overall well-being is … Here at Palos Chiropractic and Holistic Health, I love working in an office that is making such a big difference for so many patients’ lives with natural health. I am so happy to be working in such a healthy, happy and important environment!

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