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Orland Park Chiropractors : Dr. Robert Wright and Team


Dr. Robert Wright, Chiropractic Physician, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Applied Kinesiologist

Dr. Wright has become known as the “go-to Doctor” when patients need answers.

Robert Wright

Dr. Robert Wright, Chiropractor

With his vast clinical nutrition, patients are also seeking his expertise for their family’s Overall General Health as well, knowing natural and holistic medicine is the route we should try first. Dr. Wright, a graduate of the prestigious National School of Health Sciences has been serving the Palos / Orland and surrounding communities for over 30 years now. His comfortable manner and honesty with patients have gained him a reputation in the community as “the doctor where family and friends refer.”


Orland Park Chiropractic Team

Joyce Wright
Office Manager and Nutritional Assistant

Joyce Wright, Office Manager & Nutritional Assistant

Joyce Wright, Office Manager & Nutritional Assistant

With Palos Chiropractic & Holistic Health for 18 years. I absolutely love the direction our office has expanded and grown into. We have truly evolved into our dream office; a healing and prevention clinic. People not only get healed in our office, they get educated. They learn things they never knew about their bodies, and how to function each day pain-free, healthier, stronger and educated on how not to re-injure. They learn that food is your body’s foundational blocks. They learn that what they think absolutely affects how they feel. More and more people are starting to embrace holistic medicine; they are starting to understand that what’s out there in conventional medicine today is not working. And I believe with every ounce of my being, that what we are doing and teaching, IS WORKING. Just see our hundreds and hundreds of success stories and testimonials from patients. Prepare to start feeling good again, like you did years ago Prepare to start having energy again. Prepare to start looking good again. Welcome, you are in wonderful hands here with Dr. Wright and his tremendous staff. We’re glad you’re here and ready to start – ’cause we’re ready for you! Joyce divider

Photo of Donna Carvelli, Chiropractic & Therapy Assistant

Donna Carvelli, Chiropractic & Therapy Assistant

Donna Carvelli
Chiropractic & Therapy Assistant

From the moment I set foot in the office, I knew this was where I needed and wanted to be…

My medical background, as well as being a mother of a child with food and environmental allergies, has given me the experience and knowledge to know how important it is to listen to our bodies; whether it is pain getting our attention, digestive issues that happen much too frequently or a rash as the body’s way or ridding itself of something.

I absolutely enjoy empowering patients with education and understanding, giving them the power to play a vital role in their body’s own healing process. These patients, I find, live happier, healthier and more quality lives … no matter what age they’re at!

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