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Amino Acid Therapy Palos Chiropractic & Holistic Health

Welcome! Our natural health office provides Brain Balance through safe and effective Amino Acid Therapy.

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Brain Balance for:

  • Mild – Moderate Anxiety
  • Mild – Moderate Depression
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

The Benefits of Amino Acids vs. Meds

Amino Acids:

  • Have Little – No Side-Effects
  • Are Non-Toxic To Organs
  • Are Non-Addictive
  • Safe For Children
  • Has 16 Years Of Solid And Safe Clinical Research
  • They do not Mask The Issue, they work to Address It
  • Can Be Taken Safely With Other Medications


Based on 16 Years of Research

Amino Acid Therapy is based on a solid 16 years of research performed by NeuroResearch Clinic, Duluth, MN.

Amino acids are a natural way to boost the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, which is a necessary component for brain health.

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Dr. Robert T. Wright

Dr. Wright Describes The Advantage of Amino Acids vs. the Limitations of Prescription Drugs

“Until now, the best option for treating mild depression and anxiety has been with pharmaceuticals. Now, we have a breakthrough treatment utilizing amino acids. Amino Acid Therapy naturally balances neurotransmitters, helping not only depression and anxiety, but also ADD and yes, some cases of Parkinson’s as well (Dr. Wright is currently working with five (5) Parkinson’s patients.)”

It’s time we recognize there is another option here.

“Amino acids have the amazing potential to help millions of people recover and then maintain a quality of life that they thought was lost.”Dr. Robert T. Wright, DC, CBCN

Dr. Wright has been working with brain balance and amino acids for over six years now. He works closely with Dr. Marty Hinz, MD of NeuroResearch.

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Amino Acids are Gaining Huge Attention in Psychiatric World

Harvard Medical School
harvard medical school

John's Hopkins

Mary Beth Ackerley MD, MDH, ABIHM

Dr. Ackerley, Harvard Medical School graduate and Johns Hopkins trained board certified psychiatrist gives her views on treatments for depression, and why amino acids need to start being considered as a therapy for depression.

“Doctors are discovering different concepts of brain chemistry.”

Man holding his foreheadOur understanding of the role of neurotransmitters has dramatically changed.

It is exciting because it means there is much more than can be accomplished in our treatment of depression.

Instead of just recycling low levels of neurotransmitters to attain limited benefits through the use of drugs, we can build higher levels of neurotransmitters with amino acid precursors. This is a radical shift in the treatment of depression. I am pleased because doctors are able to safely provide beneficial brain nutrients to their patients without the use of harmful drugs.”


Dr. Ackerley further gives her perspective on treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease with the amino acids:

“With Parkinson’s disease, we know that dopamine helps to regulate and calm down hand tremors. Giving the patient dopamine helps with the tremor but the side effect is depression because the serotonin levels are thrown out of whack. When serotonin and dopamine levels are supplied in the right ratios with amino acid therapy, depression is no longer an issue, and hand tremors disappear. This is saner than treating isolated symptoms with drugs, creating another side effect, and then treating the imbalance with more drugs.”

Parkinson's Vs Non-Parkinson's

“I believe medicine will make more headway when it focuses on the cause of illness instead of various stray symptoms.”
Dr. Mary Beth Ackerly

Find out if amino acid therapy can work for you.

Call us at (708) 598-9144 to make an appointment with Dr. Wright. If you still have questions, let our Front Desk know you would like to request a Complimentary Phone Consult with Dr. Wright.


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Some Current Amino Acid Patients as of: April, 2015


Dr. R.W. – Male, Age 56
“Being a doctor, I can’t even image the impact hand tremors would have on my practice. The amino acids were a savior for me. They are a must in my life. I am not on any pharmaceutical drugs at all, just the amino acids, and they absolutely control my tremors. I couldn’t imagine my quality of life, personally or professionally without them.”

N.G. – Female, 59
“What a difference the amino acid protocol has made. I have been challenged with Parkinson’s disease for five years now, so I was excited, yet optimistically reserved after listening to Dr. Wright’s explanation of how this protocol works. After about nine months of taking his recommended dosage, I sit here writing these words with an enormous smile on my face. I am feeling so good. My walks and my leg stamina have dramatically improved. My tremors are rarely active. I’ve increased my treadmill speed and duration. I am a believer. The improvement happened quickly for me. I can’t believe my neurologist hasn’t mentioned these aminos. Thank goodness Dr. Wright introduced me to them when he did. I am forever grateful!”

W.B. – Female, 67 M.W. – Male, 56 Dr. A.B. – Male, 64

Mild – Moderate Anxiety and/or Depression

A.C. – Female, 46 and OCD
“The Amino Acid Therapy has been a lifesaver for me. After suffering since childhood, my anxiety, depression, and compulsive behaviors have virtually disappeared. I am truly amazed at the deep sense of calm and peace that is a common part of my everyday life now. I am much happier, energetic, and more productive than I have ever been! A whole new world of living with normal brain chemistry has opened up for me.”

J.J. – Female, 24 D.K. – Female, 46 B.F. – Male, 16
V.R. – Female, 28 L.S. – Female, 50 T.H. – Male, 16
J.F. – Female, 30 S.L. – Female, 53 J.R. – Male, 23

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